Ideas and plans

For weapons:

I want to minimalize that amount of unused weapons within FFT. Thus these are the weapons available.

Physical Enhancing:
Swords(dual wield ok, shield ok, two hands ok)
Katana(two hands ok)
Wakazashi(old ninja knives)(dual wield ok, shield ok, two hand ok)
Bows (innate Two hands)
Guns (no dual wield, shield ok)
Great Swords (old knightswords) (forced two hands)
Polearm(old spears) (forced two hands)
Daggers (1 range) (dual wield ok, shield ok)

Magical Enhancing:
Scepters(old rods) (3 range)(dual wield ok, shield ok)
Tomes(old books) (3 range)(forced 2 hands)
Maces(old flails) (2 range) (shield is ok no dual wield)
Magic Daggers(old knives) (2 range) (cannot be dual wield, shield is ok)

*NOTE* Daggers and Magic Daggers are still in the same category.

Now I know many of you will likely say “why is there so little magic weapon wise?” If I recall very seldomly are magic weapons used effectively within patches/fft because most of the people just get the MA boosting one. In order to balance this out. All mage weapons will have a range Tomes will contain some summons, scepters will have some spells, the maces boost element and be the opposite, and some daggers will have status spells.
If the mage weapon does not have some sort of spell cast, it will be assigned a basic skill I will create called “Magic Burst” which will have a chance to proc and cause MA non-element damage to the target.

Who gets what:

Base Jobs:
Gladiator- Sword, Dagger, Shield
Bandit- Dagger, Gun, Shield
Scarlet- Sword, Dagger

Secondary Jobs:
Gladiator path
Ronin- Katana, Bow, Wakazashi
Wyrmkin- Polearm, Great Sword
Guardian- Mace, Great Sword, Shield

Bandit Path
Ranger- Bow, Gun
Flintlock- Gun, Shield
Fencer- Sword, Dagger
Pugilist- hand-to-hand ‘fists’

Scarlet Path
Conjurer- Tomes, Dagger
Thaumaturge- Scepter, Dagger
Naturalist- Mace, Dagger

Tertiary Jobs:
Gladiator path
Marauder- Great Sword, Polearm, Katana

Bandit path
Parivir- Wakazashi, Katana, Dagger

Scarlet path
Biskmatar- Wakazashi, Scepter, Shield

Quaternary jobs:
Gladiator path
Berserker- Hand-to-Hand ‘fists’ (in dual wield mode)

Bandit path
Evoker- Polearm,Mace

Scarlet path
Azure- Tomes, Scepter, Mace, Dagger, Shield

Also I realized that my job requirement chart/diagram was not correct- I was missing fencer: corrected for you guys

Now what I need suggestions on is this, what should the physical weapons do? Any non-endgame weapon ideas that do not require any extravegant modding? I don’t need mage weapons just ones for the physical side.

Aside thougts:
1. If I am to add elemental weapons they will not strengthen/absorb ect~
2. No elemental absorbtion gear, only element canceling. Shields that absorb elements will have elemental weakness and there will be no weak absorbtions in this patch.
3. ARH will be for some skills in classes. Primarily the “best” moves. This is so my equip heavy weapons, light weapons, ranged weapons, magic weapons will be useful.
4. Undead will be immune to all forms of magic except holy magic. I may implement the ability for them to ALWAYS come back to life after their 3 count making petrification a great solution to undead.
5. The byblos/apanda are imp monsters, thus I will likely swap their and the malboro location. Which means… return of being turned into Imps… but permanetly.
6. Should the Zodiac boss fights have one element they are weak to?


One response to “Ideas and plans

  1. Posted on September 29th, 2011

    Sorry I have not posted in a while. I’ve been playing ffxiv a lot. However it has done well for me. I’ve been thinking of new weapon and such because of this. It had me think… why do people love mages in FFXIV!? There are only 2 mages and they are amazingly fun to play!!! It has conjurer and thaumaturge.

    Both these jobs can damage and heal. The difference is the conjurer healing is a bit better and has AoE heals like curaga(plus all the buffs/status removals.) The other thing is Conjurer also receives the elemental spells aka fire-ect. This allows for people to use it in various roles outside a standard white mage.

    Thaumaturge heals single target style using a spell called Sacrifice, which has a HP and MP requirement to cast. Thus each time you cast it… it costs you mp/hp. It is slightly weaker than cure but has a regen effect as well. Also their damage spells are scourge and banish which weaken the enemy scourge – to ice/water/earth and banish to lightning/fire/wind. This class also gets things like mp siphon/drain/ and enfeebles.

    This does step on the toes of classes like my version of oracle(saboteur) and red mage(scarlet) to an extent. However I think I should do something like this~

    Devout >> Conjurer
    Restore I – III (cures) (Restore 1&2 are AoE R1 – 4 range AoE effect area of 3 R2 – range 3 effect area of 2)
    Life’s blessing(reraise)
    prayer(restore some mp)
    barrier (protect/shell AoE)
    Scorch, Incinerate (fire 2.5 and fire 3.5 – both AoE)
    Congeal, Freeze (ice but same as above)
    Shock, Electrocute (bolt but same as above)

    Magician >> Thaumaturge
    Sacrifice I-III (using 0D Heal_(Y)% Hit_F(MA+X)% (raise formula)
    S1 = 17% + regen (4panel AoE), S2 = 28% + regen (straight line 4 panels), S3 = single target 40% + regen)
    Scourge I & II (dark based damage and cancels haste/shell)
    Banish I & II(light based damage and cancels haste/protect)
    Holy / Dark Holy
    Bio I & II (non-elemental inflicts poison 100% of the time)

    Saboteur >> Naturalist
    Terra (basic earth damage, chance to slow)
    Aqua (same as terra but water , chance to mute)
    Aero (same as terra but wind, chance to blind)
    Tornado(summon style)
    Quake(summon style)
    Flood(summon style)
    White Wind (caster AoE heal based off your HP)
    Stone (petrify)
    Uses Mace/Book/shield

    Still does not cost mp and has instant casting.
    This is the new skillset:
    Health (weak single target cure)
    Mend (single target regen)
    Protect(single target)
    Shell(single target)
    Resuscitate(quick raise)
    Gravity(40% hp loss single target- low chance to hit)

    Ravager >> Marauder
    Blood would become Bloodbath
    Sacrifice would become Skull Sunder
    Crush = Fracture
    Cleave = Trunk Splitter
    Pain = Brandish

    dark ritual / death
    Enduring March (gives self haste but poisons as well)
    Intimidate (causes chicken on the surrounding targets)

    Freelancer >> Gladiator (your base class)
    can only use sword/greatsword/dagger/shield as weapons

    Azure (aka Blue Mage)
    Lose: Dark Holy / White Wind

    The base 3 starting classes are now:
    Gladiator, Master, Scarlet
    (I will design a new job chart and update my tables tomorrow)

    Books will be called Tomes containing Summons with varying chances to proc (using the spell proc ASM)
    Poles will boost elements
    Daggers will inflict various statii and good evasion
    Greatswords (knight swords) will be able to to Do Breaks
    Bows will be be able to pierce/cancel beneficial effects (aka shell/pro)
    Guns will be elemental
    Wakasashi: will be able to enhance movement and have good evasion
    Polearms: will have a chance to cast Jump.
    Maces: some will be able to cast elemental magic fire/wind/lightning and boost MA
    Swords will enhance be able to cast water/earth/ice and enhance jump
    Great Katana will have beneficial statii (pro/shell)

    Using Pride’s Defense hack.
    Conjurer/Thaumaturge/Saboteur will have a 25% defense against magic spells and a 15% against physical

    Flinlock/Azure will have 10&10%

    Scarlet/Fencer/Biskmatar will be 5&5%

    Evokers will be 20&20%

    Defenders will 25% physical def bonus

    All these will stack with Magic and Phys Def support skill

    For reference these are the current abilities

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