Almost done with courses this semester. I have not made much progress unfortunately and I am sorry for that. However, I will be trying my best to enlist help to at least get this into an alpha testing mode. None-the-less I am going to post a zip file containing my patcher that has many changes in names … ect.

So a few things:

1) I made Apandas green and have them called Imps. Would you guys want me to swap the spot it has with malboros? This means they could use “Imp” and turn you forver into an Imp, but you would only ever face one style of Malboro.

2) Cocatris V. Tortoise I have some fairly nice skills for Cocatris in my patch right now. However Kage did finish the tortoise sprite. Which would people prefer to see? I was thinking of leaving Cocatris and perhaps changing it later on down the road to the tortoise.

3) Luso v. Link v. Frimelda v. Yuffie who would you rather have first? Luso uses Heritor style skills (has Lennart) . Frimelda uses stati Spellblade skills (has Saint’s Cross). Link has bard style skills,can get the Godess Harp (only harp in game and he can only use) but also has other skills like charged spin and arial bombchu. Yuffie has innate dual wield, but daggers only. She can throw materia (was bombs, daggers, and shurikens – (there will be 3 new element shurikens: earth, ice, holy)

4) The Spirit Knight Beowulf that uses ghost moves of various elements. Would you like him to always be undead?

5) Aegyl enemies would you like them to appear more often?

Thank you if you reply. If you wish to assist me with getting this into an Alpha phase please let me know. A majority of work is already done. Also attached is my current progress if people wish to see it. No my sprites and special effect animations are not in there… sorry.

Current Progress:;topic=6908.0;attach=9364

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I have been super busy lately… sorry.

I am doing my graduate assistant position and grad school.

However, this past week I had LASIK performed so now I do not need glasses or contacts. Also I was in Atlanta from thursday >> sunday for a conference.

I changed the name of defender to Guardian as well. I am slowly creeping along, but if anyone wants to join up and help form a “dev team” this would go by faster and be ready for testing and such.

Essentially all the frame work is there, ability, job, job level, skill set, monster skill, status effects, inflict status tabs are all done.

Items/Item attributes/animations (I have to do this one personally)/poaching/entd  need to be done. after that just a few more tactext changes and I just compile it all XD

Welcome everyone!

Welcome everyone!

My name is Mando and this page is soon to host my FFT mod/patch known as Final Fantasy Advanced Tactics, FFAT. Through this site I will be able to upload as many versions of my patch as possible w/o having to necessarily conform to the formatting of other sites that may link to this site.
I will also have a pages dedicated to questions, suggestions, and feedback. The best part is, you wouldn’t even have to sign up to ask!!!

My goal is…

to create a fun patch not only for the PSX emulator, but to create one, with changes if need be, for those who wish to play on a PSP. With all this in mind I hope to breathe new life into FFT through the animation edits I’ve created, new sprites, new jobs/classes/monsters, edited weapons, and challenging gameplay. So feel free to give suggestions or ideas to me on the assigned pages and don’t worry about getting permission for images or data get here. So spread the word, link others here, and most of all have fun!