About us

Now, many may wonder what is FFAT!? Is it Fat Free Almond Toffee? No, it isn’t. FFAT is Final Fantasy Advanced Tactics a mod, patch, for the PSX version of Final Fantasy Tactics. This mod incorporates various ideas that were inspired from other Final Fantasy games such as: FFXI, FFVI, FFVII, FFTA(Tactics Advanced), FFTA2. The biggest influences were obviously the Tactics Advanced games but FFXI played a major role as well.

The game is intended to have some classic classes, with new names, that have a bit of a twist on them. One of the biggest things people may notice is that there isn’t any usable items in-game. Sorry no phoenix downs or potions to save you from a silly mistake, though I’m sure many will cheat and use save states. Secondly The sprites are new! Of course some of the classic ones remain, but there are many new ones and if they aren’t new odds are they are recolored, at least for the base jobs. Finally, you should notice edited animations as well new summons! Some of the animations have subtle color changes while many have something new to offer like the old stasis sword animation. However, be prepared to see summons like Gilgamesh, shadow dragon, gigas, and phoenix in-game!!!!

Last but not least I will try my best and create a playable version to emulate on the PSP as well for those who like to go hand-held 🙂

I am always open to suggestions, so long as they are not off the wall. So feel free to give me ideas for updates and small changes! I also want to thank my friend St4r! He has helped me with text editing, animation editing, and even helped build this page. Without him much of this would not be possible. Thank you.


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